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At Beetle Spa, our auto specialists know both foreign and domestic vehicles like the back of their hand. That’s why we are able to service nearly all the cars of various brands. However, we have to admit that Audi and Volkswagen are our favorite brands! Whether you need a prompt servicing for your car or want specialized repair services for your luxury vehicles, we have you covered.

Audi Specialty

Our team specializes in repairing and servicing all kinds of Audi cars. You won’t find many vehicle repair shops in the North Shore that know more about this German brand than we do. Our Audi services include repair and maintenance services, brake repair services, oil and filter change, shock replacement services, and more. We are looking forward to sharing a little of our knowledge about Audi with you. Feel free to contact our experts for any queries that you may have!

Volkswagen Specialty

We are experts in servicing Volkswagen cars! We can work with any make and model and do all the repair jobs in an efficient and timely manner. We know a lot about this German brand and provide you with the right solutions for your auto needs. Our Volkswagen services include repair and maintenance services, brake repair services, oil and filter change, regular tune-ups, and more. Visit us to discuss any issues that you may be facing, and we promise to resolve it swiftly!

Auto Repair

As an eminent auto repair company in the North Shore, Beetle Spa provides you with the most efficient and affordable auto repair solutions. From simple dent removals to major body overhauls, we can take care of it all. You can count on us for all of your automobile repair needs, such as automobile inspections, brake repairs, fluid inspections, and more. Our sole motive is to reach the highest standards of customer service in the areas we serve!
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Tune Ups

Our Beetle Spa team provides complete tune-up services to ensure that your vehicle is running safely on the roads. Regular engine tune-ups not only help in lowering emissions but also contribute to improving fuel economy and restoring lost power. When you get car tune-ups based on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, you are investing in the long-term health of your car, saving you both time and money. Let our trained technicians service your vehicle quickly, effectively, and at a very competitive price!
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Brake Service

Your car’s braking system is the most crucial feature that ensures your safety on the road. Worn out or out-of-adjustment brakes compromise your safety and the safety of your fellow drivers. That’s why it is important to keep your car brakes well-oiled and maintained. Whether or not you have anti-lock brakes, you need to be able to trust that your brakes can handle the task of driving in any condition. We will perform brake inspection services during your regular auto check-ups and inform you of any repair that may be needed.
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Oil And Filter Service

We cannot stress how important it is to give your car scheduled oil changes! As your car’s engine starts running, all its moving parts slowly heat up. This heat breaks down the oil, causing it to lose its lubricating efficacy over time. Eventually, your vehicle’s oil turns into a sludge-like substance, clogging up passages and causing damage to your engine. Regularly changing the oil ensures optimal functioning of your engine and keep it cool by reducing friction and heat. If you can’t remember the last time when you changed your vehicle’s oil, contact the Beetle Spa team for an immediate service!
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