As the North Shore’s premier vehicle repair clinic, Beetle Spa services and repairs all cars. Our skilled auto mechanics are well-versed in the handling of vehicles of essentially every make or model. But it is in German cars that we thrive. Our shop specializes as a Volkswagen and Audi auto shop. If you find yourself needing a bit of a facelift for your vehicle, stop by our location in North Vancouver for a tuneup.

As an auto shop, our services include auto repairs, tune-ups, oil and filter changes, and brake services. While our mechanics love their German vehicles, they are no stranger to dealing with other car brands such as Honda, Volvo, Subaru, and Toyota, to name a few. In addition, we will make sure that each part of your car is in optimal shape. Your seat belts are damaged? We’ll fix that up for you. We’ll inspect your exhaust system and look for leaks in your car while we’re at it to make sure that you’re driving as safely as you can. We can inspect your car fluids and give you a refill for your coolants, transmission, and windshield washers. Need an oil change? We’ve got you covered.

Routine checks are important to make sure that each part of your car works like the well oiled machine it should be. We will perform complete tune-up services to ensure that each of your car’s parts are running as it should.

Beetle Spa’s expertise as an Volkswagen and Audi auto shop is unrivaled, and we strive to be your one stop for vehicle repairs. Get in touch with us at our location in North Vancouver, or call us at 604-985-0481.