In North Vancouver, Beetle Spa is your premier Volkswagen and Audi auto shop. Though we service and handle every make and model of vehicle, you’ll find no one that knows more about these two brands than us. If your vehicle is in need of a tune-up or some other service, stop by our shop, and if your vehicle is one of our specialty brands, all the better!

Our services include:

Repair and Maintenance. We aim to make your vehicle road-ready as quickly as possible. At Beetle Spa, our expert mechanics know your Volkswagens and Audis like the back of our hand. Rest assured that we can handle the job, supplied by the collection of tools we possess, ready for any job.

Brake Service. Having a working brake service is crucial for your safety on the road. Regular maintenance of your brakes will ensure that it has the power to stop your car whenever you need in any condition. Brake inspection services at Beetle Spa will be performed during your regular auto check-up.

Oil and Filter Changes. Oil is used to keep the moving parts of your car’s engine lubricated. As your car runs, its engine’s parts will move and create heat and friction. Without the proper lubrication, you could run into serious problems with your engine. Regular oil changes ensures that your engine runs optimally all the time.

Shock Replacement. Shock absorbers are springs in a vehicle’s suspension that absorbs bumps and road shocks. If you’re experiencing excessive leans during turning, sharp diving in the front end of your car when braking, or hearing noises when going over bumps, it’s time to get your shocks replaced.

Tune-Ups. A regular tune-up ensures that your vehicle’s parts are running smoothly and safely. Routine check-ups are a good basis for keeping your vehicle running as best as it can for the longest period of time.

Beetle Spa is North Vancouver’s Volkswagen and Audi auto shop. Keep your vehicle cared for like it deserves. For further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.