When you’re driving, the last thing you want to hear is the sound of your brakes failing. The brakes in our cars play a vital role in letting your car move and come to a stop. Without them, your car becomes impossible to stop. Though this is the worst case scenario, it is still one that needs to be considered. Brakes that are failing need to be looked at immediately, so that small troubles don’t escalate into bigger ones. For all your auto repair needs, look to Beetle Spa, your North Vancouver auto shop, for fixes that leave your car running as smooth as if it was just rolled off the assembly line.

Here are some common signs that your brakes need work:

Reduced responsiveness. If you find that your brakes aren’t quite as responsive as they used to be, or that your pedal sinks towards the floor, it can be a sign of trouble. Common problems are leaks of some sort in brake system. If you notice a pool of fluid that gathers underneath your car when it’s parked, that is a telltale sign of a brake fluid leak. Other common problems are air leaks in the brake hose. Either way, these leaks indicate a trip to a car mechanic are in order.

Pulling. When your car pulls to one side when you’re braking, it can be an indication that something is wrong in your brake system. Your brakes could be weighed unevenly or there is foreign substances in your brake fluid.

Grinding Noises. This loud metallic sound is a signal that you’ve worn down your brake pads to the point where they need immediate replacement. The sound comes from the disc and the caliper rubbing together. Left unfixed, this can lead to more extensive fixes needing to be performed on your car’s brake system.

Vibrations. A vibrating or pulsing pedal can mean several things. Warped rotors or your car being out of alignment. No matter the problem, braking should feel smooth, so if you are feeling this vibration, stop by for a checkup.

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