So you’ve noticed that your car is declining in performance a little bit. Maybe when you activate your windshield wipers you notice that the spray is weak and hardly cleans your windshield. Maybe when you brake your car doesn’t respond quite as quickly as you’d like. Maybe you find that your car rumbles frequently when you’re driving. All of these are indications that your car is in need of service. Depending on the situation, you could need your car’s fluids changed, your tires rotated and balanced, and your engine looked at. Whatever the case, taking your car in for service will help it get back on the road, where it belongs.

Here is a fact: cars that are regularly serviced have a longer lifespan.

When your car runs, there are many moving parts inside of it that turn to allow you car to function. Over time, your engine can wear down as the different metal parts interact with each other to make the car move. That’s why oil is an important component to your engine. It provides the proper lubrication so that these metal parts don’t wear each other down. As you drive your car, your oil will naturally become less pure as it interacts with your engine. It can gather metal, dirt, and soot inside it, reducing its purity and its ability to lubricate. As you can see, this can drastically increase the rate your engine wears down.

At Beetle Spa, we provide the full breadth of auto repair services. We’ll give your car the attention it needs in order to get back on the road at full capacity. Though we specialize in our favorite brands, Audi and Volkswagen, we are confident that no car is out of capability to fix up.

Beetle Spa’s auto repair services are located in North Vancouver.